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LED Displays (click to enlarge)

1st Display $300

Additional Displays,

Same design $100

Logos (click to enlarge)

Original Logos – Designed by Geeks Marketing

Fixed Price $250

Refreshed Logos


Clothing and other Brand SwagsLearn how you can make money by having your own store (it’s easy, we do all the work)

Ads (click to enlarge)

Ads $75-$150

depending on detail

Websites (click to enlarge)

$500 to $2500


$250 to $500

depending on length

What Customer are Saying

R. Long

The Post Bingo

I knew what I wanted and I was picky. Sue was the ultimate professional in managing my project. We needed graphics to display our pricing on digital tv’s. The creation her team developed was fantastic.


Garage Door Services

“There is a trust factor with them. I know that if they’re going to do what they say, and it will be successful. We know they will work toward it being as successful as it can be. They were really good.


Roboform, Siber System

We enjoyed working with Sue and her team at Geeks Marketing. They developed a professional video that continues to produce great results on our website. The experience was fast, easy and efficient.

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Welcome to Bingo Graphics

Bingo GraphicsWe’ve been doing custom graphics; logos, creative ads, apparel, stationary, websites and other types of graphics for the internet for over 19 years (yes, since 2000-time flies). About 3 years ago, we started doing Bingo Graphics for a Houston Bingo Hall.   From a logo, it turned into a website, and now we do all types of  Bingo Graphics:  LED Displays, logos, logos for signs, ads and websites.    As a rule, Bingo Graphics are distinct, as they need to be ‘catchy’ and ‘glitzy’ to capture the entertainment and excitement of playing bingo.

Our team of graphic and technical experts are dedicated to achieving your vision and ideas.   From the time you give us your order, we begin working on your requirements, and we get back immediate results, usually by the next day.    We then get your feedback to do changes.   We then send you the changes, get your feedback and produce a new rendition, generally the next day.  This cycle continues until you are satisfied. Most projects are completed within days, costing between $100-$500.   Our hourly rate is $30/hour.   We are very, very experienced graphics designers, so we are very fast.    If you have a budget, or feel uncomforable with an hourly rate, we can quote you a fixed rate.

Would you like to see more of our custom graphics?   Visit us at Bingo Graphics | Logo and Branding Geeks(click to see).
Give us a call or email us to upgrade your Bingo Graphics!   The results will help  your Bingo Hall be more welcoming and visible.